Thursday, June 12, 2008

... And a Diorama to go with it.

This is my first ok diorama, and it was inspired by McZargald from Flickr. It pictures some rebels who dug a trench, attempting to hold out against the Military Police. Bad news for them, though; the MP just brought in a tank.
More Pictures.


sqiddster said...

where did you get all the red levers?

NXTMonger said...

We went to BrickFest 2007 and my dad bought me a bag of assorted pieces. It came with those levers, 1x1 orange plates, 1x4 technic bricks, 2x2 turntables, etc.

In this diorama they are supposed to be barbed wire... but that didn't turn out too well.

sqiddster said...

Wish i could go to some lego events but they have none here in australia :(