Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh yes.. its the Minifig In A Rather Terribly Bad Situation Contest!

Its time to have a contest on Collective creations!

The rules:

To enter, you must submit a creation which has something to do with a minifig in a rather terribly bad situation.

If you are not a contributor, email your entry to me at sqiddster@exemail.com.au

All entries must be recieved by 31st of October when i will have some siblings and parents judge the creations (I will take certain measures to make sure there is no biased votes ;D)

sorry, no animations. this would make it too hard to judge compared to regular creations

no characters named Fred cause he is just too darn funny! lol just kidding nxtmonger

you may post multiple entries (this is because i doubt very many people will enter)

the entries will be judged on

humour, creativeness, and just how bad the situation is.

Note: Make sure to label all entries "challenge1".

and thats it!

Heaven help those minifigs.

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