Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hello all,  I just got an assortment of Brickarms custom LEGO weapons,  despite a lot of doubt about plastic quality and such.   However, now that they've arrived I've realized that all that worrying was for naught.  They are LEGO quality,  the only difference is they look cooler!  And coming from me, a LEGO purist,  that is saying something.
If you are at all interested in LEGO military building, I'd recommend them.

Score:  8/5!!!


sqiddster said...

wow what a coincidence! i am just about to order some-glad this post popped up (btw what weapons pack do you reccomend)

also sorry for not posting for a while ill get my next thing up soon-i havent had much time lately

NXTMonger said...

No worries Squiddster - you are our most active member! (which is great).

I would recommend the mega weapons pack, but personally I just ordered about $15US worth of individual weapons.