Sunday, November 30, 2008

Terror in Tabletown

This is my entry to the competition 'Terror in Tabletown' on Tabletown Talk.

'The sunlight glints off the body of the Visitor as it steps over the bloodied corpse of a police officer. Below the ground,a lone survivor tries to find shelter and security, but is halted by a stone wall and knows very well that he must either stay and starve or fight and die like the police officer. A thousand screams fill the air as similar Visitors wreak havoc through downtown Tabletown.'

wish me luck!

(Sorry i haven't posted anything for such a long time, but i have recently had big exams so it was hard to find the time........ i should be posting at my usual frequency from now on)

1 comment:

NXTMonger said...

Whoa. The "Visitor" is AWESOME. The rest of it is too.