Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Forget Wheels!

It seems that yet again, someone has come up with another weird and wonderful racing fad: IATTAR track racing! Designed by Nnenn, many racer wannabes are showing up with their creations and more is sure to follow.
I am currently working on a couple.....


NXTMonger said...

Thanks for posting something, Squiddster.
What with FLL and school and now a weeklong trip I have been out of the LEGO world. (Well, FLL is LEGO, I suppose, but not as much in the non-NXT sense.)

As soon as I get back I'll try to build one of these.

sqiddster said...


why you lucky duck.
lego is almost non-existant here in Oz

and sorry for the lack of posts recently-i don't know what happened, i guess there was just nothing to blog...

PS this is a common mistake but its spelt 'sqiddster'
don't ask me why as i don't know