Monday, March 30, 2009

An Improved C.A.S.

This is my latest NXT creation. It has 4 US sensors and 2 servos. It is supposed to avoid collisions and drops. It acuually works quite well.The program is divided into 2 parts, front and back. The robot will travel forewards untill either of the front sensors are tripped. When one is tripped it sends a "true" value to a filter block which says "if 1 or 2 trues are recieved, send true" This block sends "true" to the split, which then takes the appropriate action. While it backs up, it runs a similar process for the back sensors. It is surprisingly light, while being very solid. The wires are a bit of a mess, but I blame TLC for only including 1 short wire. I used a brace system to stop the tracks from bending upwards. I hope you like it.