Friday, June 26, 2009


This all started out when my little brother asked me to build him a "Twansformer". I accepted and it quickly turned into a full-scale project.I was aiming to go for that sort of scrappy, repaired-many-times look. That is why there is all the colours.
it is about a foot and a half tall and pretty darn heavy.
ohhh, backstory.
The Clacchita-Maru originated when Mriac Hvacx (pronouce that) purchased a brand new fighter. Of course, being the inventor that he is, he made some major modifications.

ok that's all folks!

EDIT: apparently the pics are too large to fit. see them all at flickr

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NXTMonger said...

I sense some serious awesomeness around here...
The "twansformer" turned out really well!